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Tacoma Modern Music

Whether you are a composer, performer, sound engineer, original thinker, lover of art and all things beautiful and/or interesting, or you simply have some ideas or thoughts you would like to share about music in the South Puget Sound, let me know.

I am a composer and Seattle native, transplanted to Fircrest, WA about three months ago. I have had a lot of music performed in Seattle over the years, and now I want to do the same thing in the Tacoma area. Let me know if you are interested in getting together to make some music, or if you have something on your mind concerning the music scene around here. You can listen to some of my music here to get an idea of where I am coming from.

I will be using this blog to write about music in the area, to promote whomever I can, and to provide my meager insights about how we may all work together to make this a better place for modern music. I am open to suggestions for topics, promotions, and whatever you may have on your mind. Contact me at:


Brad Sherman

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